Permanent Eyebrow Make Up

Eyebrows that are perfectly shaped will frame your face and with the correct style and colour will improve the whole appearance depending on whether you require a dramatic effect eyebrow shape or a subtle and natural finish. Semi permanent make is the perfect solution for those with thin eyebrows or perhaps brows with gaps caused by ageing or as a result of over plucking.

Natural Hair Stroke/Powder Eyebrows

If you are looking for an instant look resulting in beautifully sculpted eyebrows that need very little maintenance then a hair stroke eyebrow perfect for you. The design will be based the natural features of the face working with the correct colour, shape and density creating a stunning finish.

Microblade Eyebrows

The microblade technique is carried out using a hand held tool to distribute the pigment creating a 3D, ultra fine and natural look. Well groomed eyebrows can be as effective as a face lift giving a more youthful and fresh looking appearance.

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