Price List


Microblade reconstruction
1st visit £250 – 2nd visit £150

Combination brows (micro hair stroke over colour mist base)
1st visit £275 – 2nd visit £175


Lash enhancement – a defined natural shadow through the roots of the lashes (top and bottom)
1st visit £200 – 2nd visit £150

Smokey eyeliner ( created by Scott Triggs ) – as above with a touch of smoke shadow at the lash line
1st visit £275 – 2nd visit £175

3DFX eyeshadow ( created by Scott Triggs ) – as above with an extended natural eyeshadow
1st visit £350 – 2nd visit £250


Barelythere gloss Lips (created by Scott Triggs)

Lipline and blend
1st visit £200 – 2nd visit £125

Lipline, blend and blush
1st visit. £250 – 2nd visit £175

Other Treatments

Beauty spot

Removal / Correction Work

Price on consultation



Please note that a 25% deposit is required to reserve an appointment and 48 hours cancellation notice is required to change the appointment, the deposit will be deducted from the final balance of treatment.